denture-2Having to select a tooth replacement method can be stressful, not to mention embarrassing. The restorative dentistry team at Friend Family Dentistry in Colonial Heights, VA, understands that this is an emotionally trying time for most patients, and we’ll offer compassion during every step in the process. Dr. Friend has a tremendous amount of experience in fitting patients for dentures and partial dentures to replenish their appearance and smile. Please call our office today at (804)520-8994 if you need to be evaluated for this available treatment.

Dentures and partial dentures have been used to repair smiles for hundreds of years, and with today’s technology, they can be customized for each person’s unique bite. Dr. Friend and his team will take detailed measurements of your mouth, jaw, and gums, as well as add information about the size, shape, and coloring of any natural teeth that will remain. Friend Family Dentistry wants you to feel comfortable with your dentures.

Dentures replace all of the teeth along the upper gum line, lower gum line, or your entire mouth. Suction, and occasionally a little dental adhesive, keeps them in place. Difficulties with sliding, slipping, or falling out can now be considered ancient history! Partials maintain their position by clipping or attaching to the teeth that lie on either side of the area. Dr. Friend can discuss the benefits of dentures and partials with you more extensively at their Colonial Heights practice. Please call Friend Family Dentistry at (804)520-8994 to begin restoring your smile!

Dentures and partial dentures are removable, which allows their wearers to clean them with ease. After taking out the appliances, simply brush them gently with a toothbrush and then soak them overnight in a glass of water. For a more thorough cleanse, add a denture-cleaning tablet to the cup. The team at Friend Family Dentistry will be able to suggest an effective brand if you ask. Our team is here to respond to every one of your inquiries about how best to care for your dentures or partial.

If you’re ready to improve your dental function and your self-confidence, please schedule an appointment with our Colonial Heights location today! Dr. Friend and our experienced team members are excited to repair your smile and dramatically improve your oral health.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (804) 520-8994.