fillingsFor patients in Colonial Heights, Petersburg, and the greater Richmond area who need fillings, Friend Family Dentistry offers composite fillings as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. Cavities occur when small holes form in the tooth’s surface. Untreated cavities can lead to further damage, including bone loss. Fillings help repair a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay. Composite fillings are made from materials like plastic or glass and can closely match the color of the patient’s natural teeth, unlike the metallic appearance of amalgam. Composite fillings are especially beneficial for patients that need fillings in their front teeth.

What happens during the procedure for composite fillings at Friend Family Dentistry?
During the procedure for composite fillings, the dentist administers local or topical anesthesia to the teeth, gums, and area surrounding the affected tooth. Using a special drill, the dentist removes the decay from the tooth. The hole is filled with the composite material.

When can normal eating and drinking resume after the procedure for composite fillings?
The mouth, gums, and teeth are typically numb after the procedure for composite fillings. Patients should exercise caution when eating and drinking until the numbness resolves.

Is there any pain associated with receiving a composite filling?
Many patients experience discomfort during the procedure as a result of the drill removing the decay from the tooth. Additional anesthesia may be administered to help the patient remain comfortable during the procedure. After the procedure, some patients experience mild discomfort that usually goes away within one day. Over-the-counter pain medications can be used to help the patient remain comfortable following the procedure.

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